Piano Recital – A Lovely Thing

Two of my younger siblings still live at home (but who am I to judge? At least they still carry the excuse of being minors) and a year ago they both decided they wanted to learn piano. My older and I took lessons when we were eight and didn’t take. Apparently, it’s a latent skill in my family because the youngers decided to try their hands at it.

Tonight is the first recital of theirs that I’ve been able to attend (I loved them but I wasn’t going to fly 1500 miles just to see them plunk some notes on some keys. I’m waaaaaay too poor for that!)

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I’ll be honest, I got here two minutes late and missed the beginning of Michelle’s first piece (I don’t feel so bad because I’ve heard it 800 times at home during the last month). But as each child has performed, and babies have cried, and parents have gone back and forth to take pictures, I’ve noticed that it’s a beautiful thing to see all of these passionate kids and their burgeoning talents. Especially Marcus and Michelle.

And those are my thoughts today. So long from just another sunny (really sunny) day in San Antonio.


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