Leap Year Makes No Sense

The movie, that is.

My parents and I have booked tickets to Ireland for a week-long trip (away from work, away from stress!) and–for a laugh–my mom and I thought it would be fun to see where Amy Adams from Leap Year went when she was travelling from Dingle to Dublin.

Now, if you’ll remember, it takes her several days to get there. Across an island smaller than Texas (A LOT SMALLER. 4 times smaller). When googled, it says that it should take approximately 4 hours to get from Dingle to Dublin.


To give you an idea of the route those dumbos took, take a look at the map below, courtesy of Megan Eaves:


Not gonna lie, I think the biggest problem with the geography of the movie was not the convoluted trail they took through Ireland, but the fact that their plane was rerouted to WALES (which you practically have to fly over Dublin to get to) and then she gets on a ferry to Dingle, which is on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ISLAND and FARTHER AWAY FROM DUBLIN. She could’ve just taken a ferry straight to the city. I mean, who wrote the script for this movie? Obviously someone who had never been out of Hollywood before…

For a link to the original article that literally mapped it all out, check it out here.

**I do not own the map above and had no hand in creating it. Those rights below to the author of the original article.

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