The End of March

Hello friends!

I have been watching too much Saccone-Joly vlogs and they always start their videos with “hello friends.” I can’t think of another way to start off a post now, so there it is.

Well, my lovelies, time to update you on things. I am no longer homeless or jobless.


That, dear readers, is become I’m a lazy blogger and don’t keep you updated as often as I should. For that, I’m sorry. Shame on you, DindieMarie!

While I have a job, finally, I’m still applying to other places because my current job schedules me an average of 6 hours a week. And I cannot live upon 6 hours of work a week. Girl got bills, yo.


But what I’m most excited about is my new apartment. I share a house with 2 other girls (and one bathroom, which is on the ground floor just off the kitchen, which is terribly inconvenient, but what can you do). The two-story house was built in 1904 (#history #crazyold) which I love. A lot of features are originals (things like carpet and the paint on the walls are all new, but the kitchen floor is black and white checkerboard and looks ah-mazing) and give the house a cool, historic charm. I freaking love history and the privilege to live in this house. I am truly #blessed, especially since the owner took a chance on a girl with (practically) no job because my income is so little at the moment.

My family really stepped up the past few weeks. My sister took me in, my parents paid for the movers I hired, and everyone has been supportive while I job-search. I would give anything for the gang to live closer together, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

So, that’s me. Maybe this time next week I will have a second job and a normal, functional amount of income that won’t make me impoverished.

Fingers crossed, readers!


P.S. I’ve been reading an advanced readers copy of a book that, for the first 50 pages at least, is riveting. I definitely see a post about it in my future. Slán!


**Cover photo via Pexels


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