Why Social Media Etiquette is Important

As you may know, I recently decided to go on a sort of Facebook cleanse; meaning, I’ve given up Facebook for the month. It’s been 16 days and I can already feel the difference. My feelings are lighter and instead of stressing about how a post will be received I can stress about normal things like work and finances.

However, my weeks away from Facebook have helped me to see that there are certain things I shouldn’t post online. I’ll have the thought “Oh, that’s funny; I wish I could get on Facebook and post it.” But since I’m not allowing myself on, I automatically get the chance to second-guess my desire to post whatever I originally thought of. It brings up the important concept of social media etiquette, the “Should-I-Or-Should-I-Not-Post-That” concept. To help you in your quest for never offending your friends, here is my advice:

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