The Injustice of Exercise Cravings at My Time of the Month

Prepare yourself for a rant!

You know what’s really unfair? The majority of the month will pass with me feeling absolutely no urge to exercise whatsoever. But as soon as the PMS symptoms come–craving fried chicken at ten o’clock at night, painful cramping at all hours of the day, and the irritable attitude–so does the thought that exercise actually sounds like a good idea.

What on earth possesses me to have such thoughts? Is it the hormones? It must be the hormones because nothing else makes sense to me. But just like the cravings for everything sweet or salty come so do the cravings to RUN. TO RUN, I TELL YOU. What the heck?? I will never understand the injustice of it all. I want to crave exercise when I’m NOT curled up in a ball on my bed, hating my fat rolls and certain that no boy will ever love me.

Most months, the exercise bug will bite me with no following success. More often than not I’ll feel the urge and ignore it because no way am I in the mood to do lunges when the red waterfall is controlling all of my movement (or lack thereof).

But then there are glorious instances when I actually DO listen to that urge. I scratch that itch from the exercise bug.

Last night was one of those times. So, kudos to me. Now I can go another month without moving around too much.


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