No Facebook for a Month, and I’m Happier

Yesterday marked the four-week anniversary of my giving up Facebook. And I’ll be honest, I’m glad I can stop talking about it after today. The irony isn’t lost on me—for someone who gave up Facebook, I’ve been talking about it an awful lot! Stepping away from it has allowed me to see the negative affects it has had on my life. And I can honestly say that the negative aspects of Facebook outweigh the positives in my case.

As I said, however, it’s not all bad. Facebook kept me in touch with people when I moved away from all my friends and family and no longer saw them in person. It was great for me when I graduated from college and moved back to Texas, leaving all of my friends in Idaho. And then when I left Texas to move to Utah last year it helped to keep me in touch with family and the new friends I had made there too.

However, keeping in touch with people is a double-edged sword. If I truly cared about keeping in touch with them, I would get phone numbers and addresses so I could text or email or write letters. I realized that Facebook is really good for keeping you in touch with people you don’t care very strongly about.

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