A Note to the End of Hiddleswift

I don’t know whether to celebrate or sigh. If you read my article from several weeks past, I essentially chastised myself because I was judging Hiddleswift so much. You can read that here if it helps you to understand what I’m telling you today: I’m not sure what to think about the rise and fall of Hiddleswift.

Firstly, there were so many rumors that it was fake. A publicity stunt. A mockery of love. People—media and average-joes alike—were convinced that Swift concocted this whole scheme to lure the much-loved-and-adored-by-nerdy-and-romantic-women-on-the-internet Hiddleston. I was…kind of one of those people. I’m not a part of any of his fan pages, but I think I can recognize a gentleman when I see one (she declared confidently as she spoke about a man she had never met) and Hiddleston, by all intents and purposes, looked the part of a gentleman. So when serial dater Swift got a hold of him, I freaked (as did thousands of women across the world).

(I’ve used the word ‘Hiddleswift’ so many times that I had to add it to my Word dictionary to stop the red squiggle lines. You know what I’m talking about. Now, moving right along…)

It may be beneficial for us to look at the facts: the relationship lasted approximately three months, give or take. The first the world heard about it came from those subtly staged photos on the rocks by the shore, where Hiddleston looked debonair and Swift looked like my grandma. Then there was the infamous (and full-of-famous celebrities) 4th of July party where Swift hired a photographer to capture all the Instagram-perfect shots of her friends, lovey-dovey IT couples, and Hiddleswift. The next big thing was the couple’s trip down under; Hiddleston was filming Thor 3 and Swift tagged along. There was a hullabaloo about her not leaving the hotel, and that odd interview where Hiddleston seemed extremely hesitant to talk about Swift, responding “I’m not going to answer that,” when asked how she was enjoying Australia and when asked what the pair would get up to while there, he responded, exasperated, “I don’t know,” then changed the subject. Was that irritation at a nosy reporter or was something even darker at play?

Perhaps I’m being too dramatic.

Either way, there were a lot of red flags during the inception, life, and death of this relationship. And maybe that’s why everyone is so ready to point fingers at the pair and demand answers (because average people always seem to want to know intimate details of famous strangers whose lives mean nothing to them).

So this brings me back to my original conundrum: What should I take away from Hiddleswift? Should I ignore it because these two people have nothing to do with me on a personal level? Or should I read into it and learn from them that relationships should be built on trust and genuine feelings?

NAH, I think I’m going to be blasé about the whole thing and take nothing from it—except the fact that I’ve spent two whole articles writing about it.


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