What do Mormons Believe? Pt. 2

For the month of November, we’ll be focusing on the second Article of Faith, which states:

“We believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam’s transgression.”

What’s so profound about this statement is that it emphasizes the importance of free agency, or free will. It wouldn’t be fair for you to live a good, faithful life only to be punished for the fact that someone who lived thousands of years before you made a decision that led to two people getting thrown out of the Garden of Eden.

Now, don’t think that I’m saying it shouldn’t have happened. Because it should have, and it did. Without Adam and Eve transgressing and eating the forbidden fruit are we able to exist at all, because those choices led to procreation which is the way that spirits can leave Heaven and have bodies here on Earth.

So when it comes to punishments from God, it doesn’t have anything to do with Adam and Eve. It only has to do with YOU. The choices you make lead to consequences either good or bad. You run a red light, you get pulled over. You steal a cookie from the cookie jar, you get spanked. You study really hard for a test, you ace it.  Consequences are direct results from your actions (and if that’s news to you, we have bigger problems to worry about).

You are responsible for your actions, and you can’t blame them on a guy that lived before anyone else in the world. Cause that’s dumb and doesn’t make sense.

So there’s Article of Faith #2. It’s all about making choices and manning up when the consequences throw you for a loop.

For the third Article of Faith, check back in December near Christmas.


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