How the Inauguration Proved America Isn’t Going Downhill

I had the inauguration of Donald Trump on in the background while I worked Friday morning and there was one very specific thing that I noticed.

They said so many prayers!

I don’t think I’ve seen so many prayers at a formal event outside of Conference. And it helped me to realize something. America isn’t as terrible as I thought it was.

Let me explain. I don’t actually think America is terrible, of course. But it’s been increasingly obvious recently that our nation is spiraling out of control in some areas. As proof, we just hired a celebrity as president. I’m not anti-Trump, but I’m not pro-Trump either. I think he shows moments of brilliance and moments of unfortunate Twitter-rants that you would expect from a spoiled 12-year-old and not a President, but it is what it is.

The media only seems to show those who can shout their hate the loudest, and lots of times the shouting comes from people who don’t believe in God. But seeing a 200+ tradition being held with the same words said and the same actions given gave me hope, hope that people will realize God is real and in our lives.

That was evidenced by the many prayers given during the inauguration and I’m glad of it.


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