America vs. Great Britain: 30+ Different Terms

USA vs. Great Britain

I love being American, but I also love Great Britain. I love British television, British literature, British celebrities, British culture….I could go on, but I’ll spare you. As much as I love British things, I am inherently American. I’m loud and opinionated, I like big open spaces, I like giant grocery stores where you can buy food, clothes, electronics, car parts, etc. (So, essentially, I like Walmart).

Thinking about my love for the two halves of me (the American half and the British half), I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the different names for things, and here are 30 of my favorites:


fries vs. chips

sweater vs. jumper

awesome/amazing vs. brilliant

package vs. parcel

trunk vs. boot


boots vs. wellies (or Wellingtons)

playing hooky vs. skiving off

chips vs. crisps

T.V. vs. telly

cookies vs. biscuits

shopping cart/basket vs. trolley

parking lot vs. car park

laundry basket vs. hamper

trash can vs. bin

trash vs. rubbish


cell phone vs. mobile

fancy vs. posh

pants vs. trousers

diaper vs. nappy

resume vs. C.V. (curriculum vitae)


tennis shoes vs. trainers

illegal/sneaky vs. dodgy

friends vs. mates

lady vs. bird

stove vs. hob

tank top vs. vest

elevator vs. lift

spoiled food/changed my mind vs. food has gone off/I’ve gone off the idea

exhausted vs. knackered

sad vs. gutted


cotton candy vs. candy floss

underwear vs. pants/knickers

zit/pimple vs. spot

teasing vs. “taking the mick”

stroller vs. pram

semi vs. lorry

Did I leave out any big ones? Some of these were easier than others. But some probably stumped you! For example, the Brits have something called a Lucky Dip! Can you guess what it is? Some words mean one thing to us and another to Britain (If I asked a Brit to see the new pants a bought, they might blush). Leave a comment with your favorite British words 🙂


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