You Need A Budget

Yes, you do need a budget. But today’s thought is specifically on the website You Need a Budget. If you haven’t heard of it, you’re missing out. It’s a personal, interractive, budgeting website where you can track exactly where your money is going every month and can create goals for bills and trips so that you save the exact amount every month to pay it off in time. Plus, it’s free for college students! (And college students loooove free things)

I was first introduced to YNAB over a year ago by my sister, YNAB‘s #1 fan. She spent months trying to get me to sign up for it, even just to try it out for a trial period. Finally, a year ago, she wore me down. And I’m so glad I did it! I love seeing exactly where my money goes each month and keeping track of my expenses helps me to save more and spend less.

“[We were] college kids and [my] Husband lost his job 3 months before his summer internship. Thanks to the new YNAB we took our emergency fund and covered our necessary expenses 3 months ahead […] I use the program You Need A Budget on my computer to make and manage my budget. And their app is pretty great, it’s got GPS so entering expenses at the store is super quick. I cannot speak highly enough of it. It’s helped us save tons of money and get a good handle on our daily spending. Love love love it!”

Straight from the mouth of their #1 fan!

You can try YNAB for a month and see if you like it; if you do, you can sign up for their yearly subscription with is only about $4 per month. It’s a steal, a great deal, and totally worth it.

But as LaVar Burton would say, “Don’t take my word for it.” Try it yourself! Everyone needs help with their expenses. Everyone struggles with money sometimes. Help yourself with YNAB and you won’t regret it.

You Need A Budget


**This post was not sponsored by You Need A Budget

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