Bookclub Review, February: “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen

I debated whether or not to even write this. Do I need to convince the world that Jane Austen is great, Pride and Prejudice is a fantastic piece of art, and you should all be as obsessed as I am?

Well, that’s what I’m gonna do!

Jane Austen is great. In a time where the majority of writers were old men, she blew in like a breath of fresh air with her stories about real kinds of people in realistic (and often awkward) situations. Her novels will forever be popular because they are relateable. We’ve all been embarrassed when a crush acknowledges us; we’ve all put our foot in our mouths and said something rude and stupid; we’ve all been persuaded out of an opinion; we’ve all had to live with annoying relatives; we’ve all been fooled by someone we thought we could trust; and we’ve all jumped to conclusions and been waaaay off the mark! Thanks to Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Persuasion, Mansfield Park, Sense and Sensability, and Northanger Abbey (respectively) you can find many more situations Austen devised to relate to!

Now, to get back to the book at hand: Pride and Prejudice was published in January of 1813, a few years before Austen’s death. She would finish her five other novels (two of which were published posthumously) within the space of just a few years and even dedicated one of them, Emma, to the Prince Regent at the time (but only because she was half-forced when the Prince’s librarian convinced her that it would be in her ‘best interest’ to do so. Jane and her family were NOT fans of the prince!). Pride and Prejudice was also known as “First Impressions” during it’s draft stage, so it’s no surprise that first impressions play a big part in the book!

Pride and Prejudice is a universal story. And I can confidently say that, because there are a million adaptations! From traditional british BBC to Bollywood, there are so many versions of Pride and Prejudice that it makes an Austen-lover like me giddy with happiness. In fact, if you haven’t seen any of them take a gander below to some of my favorite scenes:


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